Fall at The Middle Gray

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gallery: M - F 8a - 3p

food, drink & entertainment: hours change weekly! please visit our online calendar and join us for live music, culinary pop-ups, art shows, wine classes, and more!

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Sharrel created "EarthScapes" after a road trip out to the Berkshires in Massachusetts. Having always loved the gentle hills of New England, she wanted to create a theme throughout her pots that reflected that. The carved lines represent those hills and valleys. The glazes that she chose to use all have an "earthy" undertone: blue for the sky, green for the lush leaves, gray for the granite stone, and a vibrant brown for the soil. Her hope is to create a sense of calm and connectivity back to nature both with the ceramics as well as the cozy crocheted pieces.

Recent Features

We were recently featured on Mass Realty, one of the top sites for Cambridge, MA Real Estate. Check it out here: The Middle Gray Makes Art Accessible To All Through Music, Food, and Exhibits.

Please visit our event calendar if you want to join us for dinner & drinks after hours! We open to the public on nights when we have music performances and other fun events. We Also host Cultural and artistic events, and are in the look for collaborative projects!