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 Hungry Artist: Post #4
Insights From Inside a Cave. Postojna, Slovenia.
by Nina Berinstein
Is Gritty Berlin Disappearing?
<art nerd alert>
I find this city edgy. Edgy like when it still was a concept difficult to grasp. Like when your art professors tell you your work is "edgy" because it's good beyond trendy and too raw to fit in. Berlin still feels like that, but it also feels like it's changing fast.
by Misia Violencia
Bosmat Gal's Images of Georgia
Bosmat Gal became interested in the country of Georgia after hearing stories from friends about how beautiful and pleasant this country was. Gal knew this location had become particularly popular amongst travelers looking for low budget flights and backpackers, but she was actually interested in exploring a country originally home to many fellow Jews.
María Alejandra Mata on Finding Beauty in Pain and Within Oneself
The Acuarela project is a personal exploration of my own struggles in a very vibrant, almost hopeful way, to enhance the duality of how we feel on the inside opposed to what we show on the outside. It documents my journey of self acceptance and my inner battles.
by María Alejandra Mata
Hungry Artist: Post #3
thoughts and curiosities of an open-ended trip: Italy
by Nina Berinstein
Pondering Over New Experiences:
Barcelona, Spain (maybe soon Barcelona, Catalunya) or Another Blog Post About Barcelona
by Misia Violencia
Hungry Artist: Post #2
thoughts and curiosities of an open-ended trip: Greece
by Nina Berinstein
Hungry Artist: Post #1
thoughts and curiosities of an open-ended trip: Palestine/Israel
by Nina Berinstein
La Tomatera Presenta: Kad Montes on self-expression and being surgically artistic

Gustavo Herrera, a.k.a Kad Montes, was born in Medellin, Colombia. Due do the violence in the 1980s his family moved to Garagoa, a town in the region of Boyacá. He currently resides in Cali, Colombia, where he's been living for the past 10 years.

La Tomatera Presenta: Melissa Ángel Cabrales on The Error, The Process &amp; The Instant

Melissa Angel Cabrales is a 31-year old artist from Cali, Colombia and a graduate of the Universidad de los Andes. Her work tends towards the experimental and eclectic, which is reflected in the diversity of materials and imagery she employs in her paintings.

Music education is far beyond singing or playing guitar; it is also the knowledge and understanding of its importance, contributions, and benefits.

- Tamara Silva Santis