Boston Wine School Class / How To Taste Wine and Why Class + Dinner


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At the Boston Wine School, we are a 100% Wine Snob Free Zone.  We believe that learning about wine involves learning more about yourself.  Our goal is to help you understand and communicate what you are experiencing when you are enjoying a glass of wine. 

How to Taste Wine and Why! is an ideal class for all levels - experienced wine adventurers and those just starting their wine journeys.

This 2 hour class will cover the "Big 4" grape varieties and the 4 major wine styles produced all around the world. Appetizers and an assortment of cheeses will be served during class to introduce some of the fundamentals of pairing wine and food.


Sample Menu


Italian Sparkling Prosecco | New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

California Chardonnay | Argentine Rosé of Malbec

French Pinot Noir | Washington Cabernet Sauvignon

January 4
January 11