The Back Porch Collective Reading

The Back Porch Collective, appropriately named, held their first gathering on a Boston back porch. The writers hail from places as far flung as Albania, Britain, Cuba, India, Atlanta, and Miami, and one of their number is currently overseas. Their initial desire was to meet together, share work, and discuss issues that mattered to them. They quickly developed a rapport, and when a musician joined in that initial evening to cap off the night, the group knew something special had occurred. Now the Back Porch Collective are giving their first off-the-porch reading at the Middle Gray Cafe with musician George Clements as a special guest. We hope you will join them and continue to expand the artistic community they set out to find when they first gathered.

The Writers:

Jonathan Escoffery, Shubha Sunder, Sarah Colwill-Brown, Stacy Mattingly, Ani Gjika, Dariel Suarez, featuring George Clements.

Many thanks to GrubStreet for the support!
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