space between, seen / Art Show Reception


space between, seen

elizabeth ellenwood, amy theiss giese,

alyssa minahan, danielle dean palmer


An exhibition at The Middle Gray

March 7 – May 20, 2016


shard of light, chasing shadow

moments frozen

veil of memory, temporarily lifted

fundamental form of the everyday, seen


How do you represent an intangible, non-representational idea? How do you evoke the constant flux, the ever-progressing change of life in a fixed, still image?


With a range of techniques, mediums and styles, these four artists begin to explore these ideas and questions, more often than not with little expectation of an answer. There are visual and conceptual threads that connect one to the next, initiating a conversation amongst their works, and with the viewer. They share a minimal language, an economy of visual information that leaves room for others’ thoughts, emotions.


From traditional silver gelatin images, crafted with a medium format camera, to digital images, appropriated imagery, layers of wax enveloping an image, or explorations of light itself, the range of methods shows the experimental nature of this group. Ideas of nature, of the spaces we inhabit, of how we see and understand, all dance from one image to the next.

Featured Performers:

Craig Sonnenfeld

Sonnenfeld is a folk singer/songwriter based in Brookline, MA.


Julie Ann Otis

Julie Ann Otis composes and performs poetry on the fly and occasionally in mid-air. Recipient of Somerville's Artist Fellowship in Interdisciplinary Arts, she recently performed at the Institute of Contemporary Art (Boston) and at Aeronaut Brewery (Somerville), where she composed and projected poetry in real-time alongside an animation artist and an electronic music artist.

Open to the public. No ticket required.