Dawaun Hardy Live Music Performance

Born in Boston, raised by his single mother, Dawaun Hardy, otherwise known by his stage name, HARDY, makes connections with people through his music. "When I want to write a song, I think about experiences most people could resonate with. Sometimes they're pieces from my own life."
    Growing up dancing and singing along to music on MTV and Music Choice, HARDY grew an interest in music and started writing and singing his own songs at age 12. He expanded his love for music from performing in school choirs and talent shows to creating cover videos on YouTube.
    Released May 2, 2016, FOOLISH is a digital album about an apologetic boy who has learned from his mistakes. Its concept is based on the idea of second chances and the stages of heartbreak. It includes a dedication track to his youngest brother.
    Known for his upbeat presence and consistent smile, HARDY astounds audiences with his teary-eyed love ballads. "You can find out more about me if you listen to the music I write or the playlists I create on Spotify." Currently, he is finishing up his first year at Hampshire College in Amherst as a James Baldwin Scholar.

Dinner and Bar Service Available Until 8:30pm.