RD King Live Music Performance

R.D. King is a Boston-based human, composer, and acoustic guitar virtuoso. Through composing and performing, King explores life, consciousness, and meaning, grappling with questions of individual and shared experience. Listening to King’s music is an emotional and introspective journey that is difficult to parse into genre or tradition. King’s audiences describe his music as passionate, powerful, deeply memorable, and—at times—extraordinary.

King draws inspiration from literature, philosophy, psychology, and meditation. Born into a family of writers, artists, and musicians, King has always turned to creative process as the framework for introspection and growth. A graduate of Ithaca College School of Music, King performs at venues in New England and beyond.

Website: www.rdkingmusic.com

Music: http://www.rdkingmusic.com/#!sounds/c10tw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rdkingmusic

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/rdkingmusic

No cover / Food & drinks available for purchases.