Cacao & Oats

A special event by The Middle Gray

Featuring Andi Wolfgang of Nama Kiss and Alan Donovan of Oat Shop.

The Middle Gray would like to invite you to a sweet taste of wellness at our special event Cacao & Oat this Saturday, August 13th from 10a-1p!

Come celebrate wholesome eats & sweets with Andi Wolfgang of Nama Kiss and Alan Donovan of Oat Shop.



Fudge $1.50 piece / $15 half pound

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Superfood with Reishi

Chocolate Mint


Cacao Coffee Bean Bar $3


Chocolate Pudding $5



Apricot Banana Almond Butter Bowl $5.50


Apple Pie Bowl $5.50


Banana PB Bowl $5.50


Overnight Oats $5.50 each


Almond Raspberry


Add fudge to any oatmeal bowl for $1.5

We recommend Banana PB & Cacao! Yum!

Local food entrepreneurs, Alan Donovan of Oat Shop and Andi Wolfgang of Nama Kiss connected over a shared passion for healthy foods and the belief that even sweets can be made with healthful ingredients. Both found gaps in the marketplace for these items and decided that they needed to create their own products. Andi opened a raw cafe in Tokyo and continued her chocolate company after moving back to the states in North Carolina and has now restarted the company in Boston. Alan has plans to open a permanent oatmeal-focused cafe in Somerville in the fall.

The Middle Gray is a collaborative arts venue. Its hybrid space highlights an art gallery/event venue, a fully equipped rustic-style bar, a spacious prep kitchen, and an open-floor state-of-the-art kitchen. The Middle Gray’s goal is to use all these resources to build a community of creative individuals and foster collaboration between them. This way we hope to make art more accessible to the public and support Boston’s emerging creatives.

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Oat Shop

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No tickets needed!