Wine & Cheese: Perfect Pair Dinner Class | BWS at The Middle Gray

  • The Middle Gray 6 Station Street Brookline, MA, 02445 United States

Wine and cheese are a natural combination. They've been together for 8,000 years that we know of, and our species has been busy figuring out ways to make both of them more and more delicious all the time.The match of wine and cheese is partly natural and automatic, but by applying ourselves, or tastes, or abilities to understand and choose, we can put together pairings that are many times greater than just the sum of the parts.

This class - limited to 14 students - will taste six major wine + cheese combinations together that express the full range of how these foods match up: by style, by texture, by flavor, geography, even temperament.

WINE & CHEESE MENU (tentative)

Prosecco + Ricotta fresca
New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc + Local goat's milk chevre
Argentina Bonarda + Robila a due latti
Spanish Monastrel + Manchego
California Pinot Noir + Gres des Vosges
French Syrah + Fourme d'Ambert blue
Artisan breads, olives

DINNER MENU (tentative)

Please understand the food and wine menu are subject to change based on availability, chef creativity, teacher whimsy, and more!

A Night in South America

Chacareros from La Mamma | Lomitos (pork) | Beef sirloin
Rice & beans | Plaintains | Mixed green salad

Citrus polenta cake | Roasted grapes

Cono Sur Chardonnay | Tilia Malbec


This tasting assumes some exposure to wine but little formal wine knowledge. This program is appropriate for both consumers and professionals in all bar, food, hospitality and service industries.


At the Boston Wine School, we are a 100% Wine Snob Free Zone. We believe that learning about wine involves learning about yourself, and we promise to challenge all our students to do that. Our goal is to help you understand deeply and communicate completely what you are experiencing when you are enjoying a glass of wine or a morsel of food.


Guests, students and certificate candidates must meet the legal minimum age for the retail purchase of alcoholic beverages in the country where the program is being held: 21 in the USA and 18 in China.