Winter Bake Sale: Flavors of Colombia

  • The Middle Gray 6 Station Street Brookline, MA, 02445 United States

Escape the cold weather and celebrate our neighborhood's diversity with authentic Colombian baked goods and coffee drinks!

Enjoy traditionally gluten free foods consciously made in small batches with high quality and locally sourced ingredients.

We want to share with you a bit of what growing up in Colombia means. Some of these comfort foods were available daily at our homes and some were only made on special ocasions, but all of them remind us of family and joy.


- Pandebono / Colombian Yuca & Corn Cheese Bread (savory)
- Pandeyuca / Colombian Yuca Bread (savory)
- Pastelitos de Yuca / Colombian Yuca Cakes (savory)
- Mantecada / Colombian Corn Bread (sweet)
- Panderitos / Yuca & Anise Biscuits (sweet)

(this menu is subject to change)

Espresso Drinks:
- Latte
- Cappuccino
- Macchiato
- Cortado
- Drip Coffee

Especialty Coffee Drinks:
- Spanish Hot Chocolate
- Agua'e Panela / Panela and Lime Hot Drink
- Café de Olla / Panela Drip Coffee
- Spanish Cortado / Condensed Milk Cortado

Limited supply!