Middle Gray Blog: 2013 Retrospective

Over the past 6 months we have had the opportunity to showcase the work of a remarkable group of artists. All of us at The Middle Gray have been inspired and energized by their insightful words and their wonderful art. We are very grateful to them for sharing their work, their thoughts and their experiences with us, and we would like to thank them for being a part of our community. In that spirit we decided to dedicate this week's blog feature to showing highlights from all the artists who have appeared on the blog so far. A big thank you to our readers for staying with us, we hope you will continue to be a part of our community. The Middle Gray has many exciting things in the works, stay tuned!

Writer Jonathan Escoffery
Art holds a mirror up to humanity, and that is its value.
— Jonathan Escoffery
Our type of music is more enjoyable live in a concert, and there’s no way to pirate an experience. Even if you videotape it and put it on YouTube, it’s not the same as watching the artist and connecting and experiencing what’s happening there.
— Andrés Fonseca
The classical music world is in serious trouble. And it’s because they’re refusing to adapt and refusing to acknowledge that most kids these days don’t care about classical music.
— Rosie Samter
You should be keenly aware of how powerful narratives can be at persuading or dissuading the masses.
— Erick Castrillon
Art is a kind of alchemy, and I find redemption through creation.
— Sophie Bonet
There is ALWAYS something happening, get involved!
— Michael Gray
I’m trying to move an audience, take them somewhere else, and say something bigger by telling a story.
— Joseph Lapin
Poetry should never become so confessional that it no longer is universal. When it transgresses like this, the poet has gone too far.
— Fausto Barrionuevo
I make art because it keeps me sane. My art is my way of showing my experience and my memories in a visual way.
— Eileen Clynes
You have to write what you know. And in order to know, you need to examine yourself. No matter how painful or terrible it may feel.
— Sandra Jean-Pierre
We’re born into a life rife with rhythms and rhymes, and words that try to distill the human experience. As long as we have language, that will not change.
— Natasha Hakimi
My images are an attempt to overcome vulnerability, to finally become comfortable showing myself in public.
— Laura Knapp
We’re doing this because it’s the greatest pleasure in the world to put on some good headphones and to listen to this music, and take pride in how good it sounds and how well written it is. It’s the greatest satisfaction.
— Adolfo Torres
I believe in hard work more than I believe in inspiration . . . I think people who say they need to be inspired to write are people who have a hard time writing.
— Lewis Beilman
I’d like to always be kind, which as a poet, means being honest even if the truth is not ideal, and giving someone or something a voice who doesn’t have one.
— L.E. Goldstein
Pain can be an ally that helps us understand many things. Pain clearly shows what’s missing and what’s superfluous, and sadness only comes to clean up the remains.
— Natalia Benrey Zorro
You can’t stay home all your life. . .Moving around and experiencing different things allowed me to jumpstart myself, as well as experience things outside my niche.
— Christopher Romaguera
Surrounded by racism, inequality of income, xenophobia, unresponsive and/or repressive government policy and environmental degradation, I also see the nobility that bubbles up through that despite the odds. And since I am not an organizer or activist, I write.
— Margaret Mullins
In this world of manufactured anxiety and mass disinformation, the shapers of language, especially poets, can offer and share perspectives, can engage, demand, acknowledge, insinuate and provoke.
— Robert Okaji
[Being out of school] has been harder in the networking aspect since there is none of that guidance you get in school, but I’ve been able to overcome that with social media and who I surround myself with and what they lend as inspiration.
— Veronica Cabrera
“I take someone else’s creation, appreciate it and turn it into something new in my artwork.
— Alena Kuzub