Hungry Artist: Post #1

thoughts and curiosities of an open-ended trip

About the trip: I am hungry for new smells, sounds, textures, tastes, and colors. I am traveling to absorb these cravings, to experience and digest them. Some will be drawn, some will be photographed, and others eaten or wafted through curious nostrils. I'm traveling to learn about myself, and to learn from myself.

by Nina Berinstein


Being here was about meeting the home and culture of a dear friend. Al-Quds/Jerusalem was the anchor of the trip, his warm home filled with books and art, conversations and cups of tea, and hot soup before dinner every night.

Colors & Textures

From the cobblestone neighborhood of Yemin Moshe, we traveled south to the Naqab/Negev to meet the sleepy town of S'de Boker, where he grew up, that sits perched on the edge of a massive canyon. We traveled north and hiked west to east across the narrow country for 3 days, finishing atop a densely green Jabal al Jarmaq/Mt. Meron.


We biked through Tel Aviv and felt under-dressed amongst its fashionable residents. I left wanting more, with Hebrew floating in my brain, with new colors and textures, and with a truer understanding of my friend.

- Nina Berinstein