Hungry Artist: Post #2

thoughts and curiosities of an open-ended trip

About the trip: I am hungry for new smells, sounds, textures, tastes, and colors. I am traveling to absorb these cravings, to experience and digest them. Some will be drawn, some will be photographed, and others eaten or wafted through curious nostrils. I'm traveling to learn about myself, and to learn from myself.

by Nina Berinstein


The sprawling modernity of Athens spills from the base of the Acropolis until it is halted by the Aegean Sea. Uniform cubes piled atop one another, and side by side, drawing long straight avenues that intersect every square block. The balcony of one apartment has a perfect view of the identical balcony across the street. And the ancient Acropolis just sits up on its hill, stones smoothed and slicked and polished by age, looking down at this new abundance.

Colors & Textures

We got our bearings in Thessaloniki, with a floating Mount Olympus faintly visible through smog that hangs over the bay of Thermaikos. We visited the Jewish Museum of Thessaloniki and learned more about the 15-20,000 Spanish Jews (Sephardim) who settled in the area after being expelled by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella during the Inquisition. We explored the Old City and walked along its walls.


Lactic acid oozed in our thighs as we climbed up the base of Mount Olympus, impressed by its enormity. We hitchhiked back down to the town of Litochoro in the back of a sweet, toothless man's flatbed truck. The island of Hydra introduced me to the clearest salt water I've known, and the modernity of Athens pressed up against the ancient Acropolis.

- Nina Berinstein