The Middle Gray

The Middle Gray is a collaborative arts organization and our goal is to use all our available resources to build a community of creative individuals and foster collaboration between them. This way we hope to make art more accessible to the public and support emerging creatives.

Our first year operating in Brookline, MA was a blast! It was our first try at managing our artistic hybrid space/café, and we learned a lot from it. Now we're in the search of a new space to better fit our concept, so we can focus on exhibitions, shows and workshops.

Meanwhile we will be operating digitally by promoting artists on our social media channels and web presence through call for entries to blog features, digital group shows, Instagram group shows, artist residencies, and more! Check out our submissions page!

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The Middle Gray Philosophy

The Middle Gray is an arts organization supports emerging creatives by giving them space and opportunities to showcase their work. Our intent is to build a place that encourages the social connections and collaborations that nurture a vibrant creative community.

The Middle Gray also wants to allow the coexistence of all kinds of arts under one roof, and it strives to create more options and contribute to the advancement of the art and cultural scene in the Boston area and to the growth of young promising local creatives. It is also important for us to create a place that allows accessibility to the arts and art education.